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JOYO EQ-MP3 3Band EQ with Tuner and MP3 Player Acoustic Guitar MP3 Equalizer


Joyo EQ für Gitarre/Saz


Mit USB/TIF schnittstelle für PLayback Funktion




Video link Youtube:




Bass: ±12dB at 75Hz      
Middle: ±12dB at 750Hz      
Treble: ±12dB at 10KHz
Tuning Range: 0A(27.5Hz)-8C(4186.01Hz)
A4 Frequency: 440Hz
SD card/USD input
Previous/Next   Pause/Play   MP3 Volume adjust
Power: 9V, 6F22 (1)
Low Battery Light
organic glass panel
Dimensions: 79(L) x 49(W) x 26(H) mm
Weight: 165g

Package including:
1 x EQ-MP3
1 x battery box (not incling battery)
1 x Acoustic guitar pickup piezo
1 x Clip
7 x pickup screw


Joyo EQ +USB, TIF schnittstelle Mp3

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